Welcome to Illusions360 Photo Booth Rentals, where we specialize in 360 Photo Booth rentals and capturing life's most beautiful moments.

Our brand-new 360 Video Booth is an innovative and Interactive addition that will leave you breathless. Picture yourself standing on a secure platform, surrounded by mesmerizing LED studio-quality light wands. As a camera spins around you, it captures stunning videos that transform into a unique multiverse music video with slow-motion effects and event branding. It's a remarkable experience that your guests won't resist sharing ensuring a lasting impression at your your next high end party, luxury wedding or corporate event.

If you have any questions, no worries! Feel free to call us at 323.641.2627, schedule a one-on-one meeting or email us at patricia.leal@illusions360.com. We’re here to help make your event unforgettable!